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This page is intended to store any material related to concept development of Fallout: Dallas.

For background information on Fallout: Dallas, see also Timeline.

July 2018[edit]

July 12, 2018 Discord message transcript[edit]

Sent by NomadMC#7959 in the #general channel

[Wherever it was decided that a settlement region would not] directly concern a major faction (that is, a preset "main game" NPC-owned faction), a player or a group of players could take up residency in that settlement.
I would expand upon that theory using what you said:
Essentially, according to this theory, individual players can join settlements - according to the following faction guidelines.
However, a settlement cannot be used for settling until a faction has claimed that settlement location.
(If a settlement location is unoccupied, a faction must obtain X caps, depending on settlement size, in order to pay the NPC "residents" to claim it.)
If you wish to join a settlement region, you must be a part of the faction occupying it first.
Factions who Enemy your faction can openly fight people on your Settlement
Settlements can in this sense operate similarly to chunks owned on normal faction servers
except on a much larger scale
Power exists like on ordinary fac servers, though we might rename that to something else
Power is required in order to occupy a settlement, and if your faction Power drops below a minimum requirement, enemies can overclaim your Settlement if they do have enough available Power.... etc.
Settlements = larger faction chunks with higher risks & rewards
Settlements, as time goes on, will also feature their own quests
small quests related, for example, to certain NPCs
or tie-in quests with the major NPC factions
Settlements will not feature complete open build rights.
The settlement itself will still have to look Fallout-y, so your abilities with it will not be nearly as free as, say, in open build (normal) factions
Individual players will have limited building rights within their own claimed buildings inside of the settlement
(i.e., the houses inside of Marsalis)
Who can have what house, and how free people are to build within their own houses, will largely be at the discretion of the faction leader and can be toggled via options
A player can have only 1 house claimed by default.
By default, until a player takes residency in a Faction's settlement, his residency will be the default cryo-chamber apartment he spawns in at start
(250 of these default Apartments will exist; each one can hold 3 players apiece. In the event that more than 750 players have joined the server who still have not upgraded their residency elsewhere, players who have been offline the server the longest will be evicted from their rooms.)
Within the Vault, you may also initially upgrade your residence to one of the rooms available in Wing 2. There are 500 of these rooms, each holding two persons' apartment spaces.
Within a Room, whether it be in the Vault or in a Settlement, you can store your extra items (upgraded rooms give more storage), and you can place certain Blocks and craftable items (such as furniture, or workbenches - think the system used in the My Megaton House in Fallout 3) depending on your level and so forth.
Rooms and Settlements can both be Upgraded.
Upgrading a Room gives more storage, and the ability to place more special items if you obtain/craft those items.
Upgrading a Settlement is performed using the Faction's money bank.
Factions can create Taxes on people who join the Settlement - this is the part of the incentive where you decide which Faction is best. Do you want a higher-grade faction base with more amenities and safety, or do you wish to join a faction that charges minimal taxes instead?
Settlements have 1 Mayor and 1 Sherriff each, as appointed by the Faction's President.
A faction President (you can donate to change that title, perhaps?) is the only person in a Faction who can appoint a Mayor.
Mayors and Presidents can both appoint Sheriffs. A mayor can, however, only vote to appoint a sheriff within his own Settlement.
A sheriff, meanwhile, balances the power of the Mayor: Only a Sheriff can share the President's power to claim new Settlements. A sheriff can opt to claim only a settlement directly bordering his own Settlement.
Sheriffs and Presidents can propose allegiances, truces, or enemy states against other Factions, and Mayors and Presidents can accept or reject those offers.
A President or a Mayor can impose taxes on a town; a Sheriff can enforce those taxes by evicting those who fail to generate any income for a settlement by being inactive. Sheriffs have power to kick players for any reason in a settlement.
Both Sheriffs and Mayors are essentially second-in-commands of a Faction; they are the first-in-commands of their own respective Settlements.
The President is first-in-command of the Faction and all of its Settlements overall.
Upgrading settlements: when Upgraded using the Faction's money, an Upgraded settlement instantly receives upgrades to how many players can occupy the Settlement. In most cases, the Settlement itself has room for higher level amenities; higher level Defenses can be constructed; and in some cases the Settlement expands in size, to accomodate more persons.
Amenities (like workbench-type items that anyone in the settlement can use) can be built by Mayors using Settlement-specific tax funds.
All Settlement funds are combined to form the Faction bank, which can pay directly for settlement upgrades by taking from all settlements' banks.
Defenses can be paid for by Sheriffs, also using Settlement-specific funds.
Higher-level Settlements can appoint Deputies for the Sheriff, and Council Members to assist the Mayor.
Their roles can be derived directly from the Sheriff and Mayor.
By default, Deputies have all the same permissions as Sheriffs and Council Members have all the same rights as Mayors, but the faction's President can choose to alter how many of these permissions the Deputies and CMs inherit.
Regarding Defenses: defenses include such things as hireable Mercenary and Guard NPCs (of various levels, weapons, armor, and SPECIAL/skills), community-usable Armories with weapons depending on level, and Securitrons (at very high levels).
Higher paid Ranks might allow you to have more than one claimed Settlement home (though it must be within the same Faction as your other home).

PFCJurassicKing - Vault 41 concepts[edit]

Vault 41 is a social experiment set up by Vault-Tec in accordance with PROJECT MONTGOMERY (tempname). They made a vault designed to emulate tactics used in war. Vault 41 had a speaker system hooked up to Vault 44 in which residents from Vault 44, thinking the speaker system was a tactics-emulation simulator, could send orders to each side of Vault 41. After the ten years of cryo construction were finished in Vault 44, the 250 future "Enclave army" members entered cryo for the next 200 years, leaving the citizens of Vault 44 dead. Without orders coming from Vault 44, Vault 41 fell into anarchy, its members fighting each other to the death and leaving Vault 41 hollow and lifeless.

March 2018[edit]

March 9, 2018 Discord message transcript[edit]

Sent from NomadMC#7959 to Lenorewolf312#4722

- To begin, some time before 2077 (we've assigned a tempdate of 2067) the Vault-Tec program began looking at Dallas's potential sites for vaults
A slightly insane military commander [unsure of exact name right now, so his code temp name is "Montgomery", and projects related to him are referred to as "Project Montgomery"] has returned from the 2066 wars at Anchorage, now hailed a war hero.
The commander had made his fortune before the Resource Wars from his remaining oil supplies in fields he owned in Texas; as oil dwindled, he grew steadily more powerful
Eventually, realizing what the Resource Wars were coming to and having seen China's growing threat personally, he had come to find the Vault program a viable way for the U.S. government to retain a hand on its people
The commander began to form connections with Vault-Tec before he went off to fight in 2066, and by the time he came back, his paranoia and insanity had grown to incredible proportions
He soon met with Vault-Tec officials and convinced them that with he being one of the last persons on earth with oil stored up, he should control a Vault of his own in Dallas
Vault-Tec agreed; and, with the aid of numerous Vault-Tec engineers, began to plan a "supervault" capable of containing 1,000 dwellers and 250 of his own men - including Vault-Tec engineers involved in the vault's creation, but mostly fellow military commanders and troops under his command.
The commander, knowing nuclear war to be imminent, wished to grow still higher in command - he wished for as high a control as possible
He directed the construction of an enourmous vault armory full of weapons and vehicles of war
The commander shared many of the U.S. government's military advisor's concerns - that if total nuclear war arose as so many statistics were predicting, a new world would lack the control of the U.S. government
Smaller governments might rise, or none at all in some areas, threatening the control the government could have over its population
Thus this group of military officials, one day to be called the Enclave, knew that efforts must be made for members of the military to survive the inevitable War and control the wasteland to come.
Most contended merely to form simple shelters so that the Enclave could easily retain control as quickly as the War had ended; but Montgomery wanted more.
The commander knew that the vaults were set to open 200 years after the War
Thus, he devised a plan with Vault-Tec engineers to perform the insane - to stay asleep 200 years, and control the new Texas around him once he returned.
Vault-Tec engineers had been filling vaults with countless experiments; the commander knew that one of those vaults had a project of cryosleep assigned to it, by one of the commander's friends in Vault-Tec - a scientific-oriented man, who had desired to Oversee a vault full of cryosleep experimental subjects.
That Vault, was Vault 111.
The commander had already seen some of his friend's fascination with the concept of cryosleep - he believed it genuinely possible to, as it were, go to sleep for 200 years and wake up in a world cleared of the radiation
But the cryosleep mechanics would need work; they would need experimented with.
Thus the commander organized for his Dallas vault - Vault 45 - to set up communications with Vault 111 via a specially built, nuclear-blast-safe radio communications tower
All this work continued until October 23, 2077 dawned.
The commander escorted the final members of his group to Vault 45, and 1,000 members of the Dallas population made their way to the Vault's door Once the population were safely inside, China rained destruction upon Dallas.
With the outside world gone, Vault 45's citizens began to adjust to Vault life, finding the Vault's many amenities at least made the new world tolerable
For ten years the commander kept up communications with Vault 111, which experimented with its vault's subjects continually, looking for the best settings and methods to apply to safely keep the dwellers in cryosleep
After those ten years, the commander was satisfied with the results: a massive room filled with cryosleep chambers in the vault was now appropriately adjusted to the task of outwaiting radiation for 200 years.
At the commander's direction, members of his 250-man Enclave group began to enter the cryosleep pods, one by one.
Dwellers soon became curious - it seemed that the Vault's security guards were slowly disappearing, one at a time.
One night, several dwellers set out to investigate - noticing a Vault duct panel under maintenance, they decided to enter the Vault's A/C duct system
Upon hearing voices, they stopped to listen - and heard their own Vault commander laughing, in the room below them, about how the whole vault wouldn't know what hit them when all their food supplies would suddenly disappear.
Having listened to enough of the ensuing conversation to realize what was happening, they returned to the other dwellers - and one who had been recording everything on a holodisk began spreading copies of the disk around the vault
The dwellers soon formed a group together; the commander realized what was happening and sent out several guards with orders to forcibly explain that the vault should remain calm
Dwellers began attacking the guards; several dwellers were killed soon after, and the angered mob stormed the entrance barricades to the Armory
Dwellers began tearing through the Vault, fighting countless waves of guards and sustaining high casualties
Reaching the cryosleep room, the dwellers noticed the Overseer's command panel - all the gardens of the vault were sabotaged or poisoned, beyond repair or healing.
Knowing that leaving the vault was the only option but knowing also of the radiation outside, the dwellers soon entered the cryo pods themselves.
200 years later, the pods begin opening one by one; several Dwellers who had been doctors before the War care for the dwellers as they exit the cryosleep
You awake-
The doctor briefly explains the recent events and explains that some dwellers have suffered memory loss from the cryosleep.
After you inform him of your lack of recalling anything, the doctor continues and explains what has happened in the last month
After the first hundred or so dwellers had waken, they had made their way to the Vault door and exited the vault
Having spotted a strange-looking group patrolling Marsalis Avenue outside the vault - the group calling themselves the "Brotherhood of Steel", an unfamiliar name to the Dwellers - the dwellers explained everything they knew
The Brotherhood patrol immediately grew interested in the Dwellers' story, and after contacting HQ and bringing a large group of BoS members to the Vault, offered to guard the Vault dwellers against the wasteland in return for usage of the Vault's armory full of pre-War tech
The Dwellers were only too happy to agree; and now, you awake, one month later.
Despite your having suffered memory loss, the doctor assures you that the wasteland is a new world to everyone - regardless of whether you have memories of the world just before the War or not, all is new in this world.... a world of Fallout.